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Girl getting additional support

KT&A Supported Internships

Step into work with a tailored KT&A Supported Internship. We will help you to get into employment by giving you additional support to develop the skills, experience and qualifications that you will need to succeed. We will provide this additional support if you have a Statement of Special Educational Needs, a Learning Difficulty Assessment or an EHC Plan.

A KT&A Supported Internship is a tailored programme, based mostly with an employer that will enable you to gain paid employment, with support to help you get the skills that you need through learning in the workplace. You must be aged 16 to 24 and have a Statement of Special Educational Needs, a Learning Difficulty Assessment or an EHC Plan. The programme can last up to 52 weeks.

Young female learner

How can it help me?

  • Receive tailored help and additional support to flourish in the workplace e.g. through mentors and job coaches
  • Prepare for work by handling money, interacting with the public and practising interview skills
  • Get the work experience, with the support you need to help you move onto a job, Traineeship or an Apprenticeship
  • Real world experience with local and national employers
  • Build confidence and experience to perform successfully at work
  • The possibility of financial support e.g. with your travel costs from the 16-19 Bursary fund. You may also be able to claim other benefits e.g. universal credit during your programme. All subject to status and eligibility
  • Increase your chances of getting a job, by improving your English and Maths skills
  • Regular progress reviews - your tutor, employer (including any mentors or job coaches) will review your progress every 4 weeks to celebrate achievements and set achievable targets
  • If your host company is looking for Trainees, Apprentices or employees, you may also be able to interview for these at the end of your programme, from the informed position of having worked for the company already