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Apprentices are changing from May 2017 onwards

To help employers make sense of the Apprenticeship Levy Changes, we’ve put together a concise guide answering some of the most frequently asked questions ahead of May 2017.

Read our succinct summary guide to understanding the pending changes and how it may affect your business.

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KT&A February Apprentice of the Month

Our Apprentice of the Month award returned this month, and we’ve had some superb nominations. This gave employers around the county a chance to reward their Apprentice for all of their hard work and dedication by putting them forward for a chance of winning a £20 cinema voucher, as well as receiving recognition from us. February’s prize was awarded to Hayley Forsdyke, who works in a Business Administration for the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in Ashford.

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KT&A is now a Skills for Care Recognised Provider

We are delighted to announce that Kent Training and Apprenticeships was awarded a certificate of Endorsement from Skills for Care on 12th December 2016.

Presented to our parent company, Community Learning and Skills, Skills for Care helps create a better-led, more skilled and valued adult social care workforce.

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Get In Go Far with an Apprenticeship

The Get In Go Far campaign is run by the government and supports their commitment to creating three million apprenticeship starts by 2020.

This includes a 20% increase in apprentices from an ethnic minority background, and a 20% increase in degree level apprenticeships.

Click this slide to discover more information about the Government's ambitious new campaign.

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National Insurance Contributions Removed for Under 25s

From the 1st April 2016 employers of apprentices under the age of 25 will no longer be required to pay National Insurance contributions (NICs) on earnings up to the Upper Earnings Limit (UEL).

This Government initiative is designed to encourage more employers to offer high quality apprenticeships and to give young people an alternative to university as a path into skilled employment.

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Learn More About Apprenticeships

Apprentices and work placements motivate your workforce. Apprentices have made an active choice to be where they are and tend to be particularly eager, motivated and flexible

As employees, Apprentices gain valuable qualifications that help them to progress in their chosen careers – so you reap the reward of having loyal, confident staff who will help you achieve future success.

See how our apprenticeships can benefit your business

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Why you should consider taking on an apprentice – Infographic

Not sure whether you should take on an apprentice? Are you worried about the cost or feel like you just have loads of questions about the whole thing?

Don’t worry take a look at our handy infographic that explains more about apprenticeships and answers all of the questions you as an employer has.

We’re sure you’ll be convinced that after reading it you won’t just want an apprentice you will need one!

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Does your apprentice have an NUS card?

Is your apprentice aware that they are entitled to buy an NUS Apprentice Extra card for just £11 for 12 months and receive discounts in places such as Odeon, Amazon, BSM, Amazon and Dominos?

Don’t let them miss out on this fantastic perk of being an apprentice, remind them to visit this website and get their NUS card today!

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They say Marketing departments want ‘Mr Right’ but Sales departments need ‘Mr Right Now’.

At KT&A we can help you find your Mr or Miss Right and Mr or Miss Right Now with a Sales or Marketing apprentice.

• Help a young person kick start their career

• Help them grow while they help you grow your business

• Help them achieve their goals, while they help you achieve your targets

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KT&A Apprentice of the Month

If you want to reward your apprentice for their hard work and make them feel appreciated, why not nominate them as a KT&A Apprentice of the Month?

Simply download and fill in the simple nomination form and your apprentice will be in wit the chance of being named the KT&A Apprentice of the Month.

Nominate your apprentice here.


Apprenticeships and work placements are an established cost-effective way to grow a business or organisation – giving you both lower training costs and lower recruitment costs in a single easy process.

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Get funding

Grants are available of up to £1,500 per apprentice and can be claimed for up to five apprentices (terms and conditions apply).

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Work Ready Extra

Work Ready Extra is a personalised programme to help 16-24 year olds get work-ready and help them into the job they want. As well as a training programme. It includes a period of supported work experience. At the end of their training, learners have the work ethic and skills they need to get a job, become an Apprentice or move onto further education.

Find out more about Work Ready Extra

Work-based training

Work-based training at KT&A provides a range of opportunities and benefits to your business. Continuous professional development for your employees is vital to remain up to date with industry standards. Work-based training promotes a fresh outlook to work and can help unlock new potential.

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