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Our Top 5 Interview Tips

Everyone knows interviews can be nerve-wracking. But if you know what to expect and how to prepare, it can be a very positive and confidence-building experience. So take a look below at our top tips to ensure you make the best of your big day:

1. Arrive on time

Being punctual is key to success and it's a mark of respect towards your potential employer. Arriving late or too early also demonstrates poor time keeping and is not something you want the interviewer to associate you with.

2. Do your research

Boost your chances of success with an employer by showing interest in what they do. It's very important to find out as much as you can about the company, their history and their ethos. Make sure you think about how you will fit into their business.

3. Be presentable

First impressions matter, it's important to look smart for your big day. Dress for the occasion too; leave those trainers and jeans at home and opt for a shirt instead.

4. Be prepared

What are your biggest 'selling points'? Think about why the company should hire you for a particular role, as well as why you want the job. Perhaps you've participated in several projects at your school or college - this might mean you're a great team player and have experience liaising with different types of people. These are perfect qualities for any role that involves working within a team, so make sure you put this across in your interview! The key is to know what you are going to say before you arrive.

5. Practice

Practice really does make perfect. Go through the questions you think you may be asked at the interview beforehand. At first, it may take you a while to think of good answers but try a few more times and your responses will begin to sound confident and articulate. A little preparation can go a long way.

Good luck with your interview!