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Key Stage 3 and 4 Teaching Assistant (Level 3/Advanced) – KT&A2724

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Kent Training & Apprenticeships


Closing date: 30/07/2020
Industry: Education
Vacancy reference: KT&A2724


Greenacre Academy is still looking to recruit but is unable to interview during the corona crisis. Please continue to apply and KT&A will keep your application for when normal business resumes.

Greenacre Academy is an all-boys secondary academy in Medway with a strong and motivated team, who are committed to ensuring that our pupils make outstanding progress.  The wellbeing of staff is highly important to us and we are innovative in our reduction of workload for teachers.

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We are pleased to be able to offer an apprenticeship within Key Stage 3 and 4 for a Teaching Assistant.

Duties will be directed within the Classroom/Learning Support areas with a focus on providing support within the school environment to enable any child or children to gain maximum access to the National Curriculum by following clear guidelines provided by involved agencies.

The person appointed will assist pupils following a programme of support clearly defined by the SENCO and work alongside teaching and other appropriate staff dependent on the nature of the particular needs of the child or children.

  • To work collaboratively with teachers and other staff as an integral part of the teaching team.
  • To assist pupils with learning difficulties using a variety of resources which may involve support with reading, writing, spelling and computer-based learning under the direction of appropriate teaching staff.
  • To support pupils to develop fully alongside their peer group using a clearly defined programme which could involve the development of play techniques, language development etc. as directed in the SENCO.
  • To regularly update the SENCO on progress made by pupils or difficulties faced by individual pupils.
  • To become familiar with the different learning needs and teaching strategies for pupils with ADHD, Autism, Specific Learning Difficulties and other learning difficulties that are additional to or different from peers that are addressed in the SEN Code of Practice (2015).
  • To support pupils with additional needs which may include sensory impairment or be medical in nature.
  • To deliver interventions to small groups or one to one sessions
  • To support pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties within the classroom under the direction of the SENCO/teaching staff.
  • Promote positive behaviour patterns, raise self-esteem and improve independent working in students to assist in their education and development
  • To undertake appropriate training to enhance skills or knowledge.
  • To collate information regarding pupils and submit reports for annual reviews.
  • To assist teaching staff in setting appropriate targets based on objectives set in School-Based Support Plans and Personalised Plans.
  • To work towards enhancing the Key Stage literacy and numeracy strategies.


£124.50 (@ £4.15 as of 1 April 2020).

This is a term time only post and therefore the salary is pro-rata across the whole year.


8.30 am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday

30 hours per week

30 minutes (lunch)


  • The ability to manage and structure time effectively and efficiently
  • Basic ICT skills to support administration
  • The ability to relate effectively to a diverse range of children and adults
  • The ability to deploy a range of strategies and techniques to encourage learning


  • The ability to work effectively and efficiently as part of a team of professionals
  • Good communication skills, oral, written and electronic
  • The ability to act as a positive role model for children and parents/carers


GCSE grade ‘C’ (or equivalent) or above in English and mathematics.

If you would like to apply for a vacancy and you’re waiting to receive your confirmed grades, please use your predicted grades in the application process.


On the job training with the employer whilst working towards the Apprenticeship Framework – consisting of the Intermediate NVQ Level, Technical Certificate and Functional Skills if appropriate.

Regular work based assessments/ observations carried out by Kent Training & Apprenticeships Tutor Assessor, to determine competency and meet with Awarding Body standards.


Additional Detail

As of 1st April 2020, the NMW for Apprentices is £4.15 per hour. This applies to 16 - 18 year old Apprentices and those aged 19 and over in the first year of their Apprenticeship. For all other Apprentices the Apprentice National Minimum wage appropriate to their age applies.

The wage for Apprentices applies to both time spent on the job plus time spent in training.

Important Information

The employer has asked that you do not contact them direct. Doing so could jeopardise your application. You will be responsible for your travel expenses to and from your place of work. Therefore, you must have the means to get to your place of work on a daily basis whilst waiting for your first wages to be paid.

KT&A: Kent Training & Apprenticeships are part of Kent County Council and are a leading training organisation with nearly 30 years successful experience. KT&A specialise in high quality work-based training, delivered by qualified staff with personal experience of working in the skill area they teach.

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