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Milly left school after completing her A Levels when she heard about doing an Apprenticeship in Administration at Fairweather Solicitors. She has achieved her Level 2 in Business Administration and is currently working towards her Level 3.

While at school she had only ever heard about university and felt it wasn’t the right path for her to go down because she was unsure what she wanted to do as a career and thought it was very expensive.

Choosing to do an Apprenticeship rather than a degree attracted Milly as she liked the idea of learning on the job whilst working towards a qualification and says: “I liked how the learning fits in with the office role. I felt that there was scope to learn so much, not just in the way of knowledge but also in skills and behaviours.”

While working as an Apprentice at Fairweather Solicitors, Milly is growing in confidence everyday especially when using the telephone and feels it has provided her with valuable work experience, she says: “I have developed my people skills and feel confident in speaking and dealing with a range of people in challenging circumstances.”

Milly wants to now gain more independence within her work and be able to make decisions herself which she feels she is achieving on her Level 3 Apprentice.

At first, Milly found it difficult to adjust to work in a new role, whilst also having one to one sessions with a tutor, however she says her tutor and office manager helped support her which made it easier to adjust.

She would now like to continue building up her skills and experience as she is unsure what her dream job is but likes the idea of being a chef. She says: “Whatever I go on to do, the Apprenticeship will have helped me. It’s provided me with valuable work experience and a better understanding of business, which will be useful in any industry.”

If you are unsure whether an Apprenticeship is right for you, Milly advises to keep an open-mind and give it a try, even if you think you can’t do it she says: “It will open doors for you!  You will constantly be learning and challenging yourself and it will develop you in so many ways, even beyond the achievement of the qualification itself.”

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