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Ella started as a Business Administration Apprentice at Purple Rhino, who provide safe roof and exterior cleaning services and worked her way up to an office management role, managing a team of 8 people. Last year she decided she wanted to get some formal training and learn new skills that she could apply to her role by doing a Level 5 Apprenticeship as an Operational Departmental Manager.

Before doing an Apprenticeship, Ella left school and worked in hospitality and discovered that it wasn’t for her, she said: “I did not want to study anything formally, I wanted to work whilst gaining a qualification and learn new skills on the job”.

It was when Ella started working at Purple Rhino that she found a career that she was interested in and enjoyed so much that she sees herself working in her job as an Operations Manager for the foreseeable future.

Ella is inspired by mentoring her team and seeing them grow within their roles and by doing an Apprenticeship she says: “I would like a larger skill set and to learn how to coach and mentor my team successfully. I also wanted to meet new people and share ideas with like-minded people”.

Ella says she was nervous before starting the Apprenticeship and has found it challenging writing essays, however she is looking forward to meeting her tutor and other students on the course face to face next month in a Kent Training and Apprenticeship centre and to see her self-development grow, she says: “From there I know anything is possible as I will have the tools I need to achieve my goals”.

Ella encourages others to do an Apprenticeship and believes they can help towards your career if you work hard. She says: “Don’t worry about the challenges along the way as you will be supported through it all”.

If you have been inspired by Ella’s story and would like to do an Apprenticeship, you can view our range of vacancies here.

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