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Sadie left school wanting to pursue a career within the NHS and when she heard about an Apprenticeship at a GP surgery in Dover, she thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for her future.

During the Apprenticeship Sadie learned new skills and confidence that she said she didn’t have before and said: “Before working in a surgery I had zero confidence and would be worried about talking to people I did not know. I am now confident in talking to patients and medical staff both on the phone and face to face.”

She also says she loved working with her colleagues within her team and felt supported. At first, she was nervous but after the first couple of weeks working at the surgery she enjoyed coming in every morning.

Sadie says the Apprenticeship gave her a chance to work towards a qualification and gave her the knowledge to succeed in her chosen career, she says: “Getting into employment earlier means there’s lots of potential to progress in your career quickly. An Apprenticeship is the best way to get your foot in the door if you want to extend your vocation further.”

Since her Apprenticeship Sadie discovered her dream job within the Practice and is now training towards becoming a Medical Secretary.

Her sister Sophie saw how much Sadie enjoyed her Apprenticeship and decided to also pursue a career within a GP Practice. You can find out more about her story here.

Sadie says her family were a big support to her when choosing to do an Apprenticeship and inspired her to push herself in ways she didn’t know how to. She says: “When I first started in my Apprenticeship I was worried I had made the wrong choice.  However, I have learnt so much about myself that I didn’t know before and with such an amazing support unit around me I was able to complete this Apprenticeship. I could never have achieved this had I stayed on at 6th form.”

Doing an Apprenticeship has been a fantastic experience for Sadie and she says she would recommend others to look in to doing one as she has built up knowledge, skills and responsibility, while also gaining qualifications that allowed her to earn while she was learning.

If Sadie’s story has inspired you, you can find out more from our range of Apprenticeships here.

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