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Success Stories: meet our apprentices…

Success Stories: meet our apprentices…

When Eve first started her Apprenticeship with KT&A, she was really looking forward to expanding her skill set and gaining experience to kick start her career. From the start, she knew she was in the right place. Eve was allocated a tutor to guide her throughout the programme and her employers were very supportive. She says: “I was always permitted to ask questions and for guidance, and the responses were really positive and allowed me to put what I had learned into practice”. Her tutor provided her with valuable insights into her role and provided advice and feedback on her assignments. Eve was encouraged to keep improving and working on her knowledge, and with the help and support of her tutor and employer, she quickly gained more confidence in her skills and abilities. Soon enough, she achieved the Star of the Quarter award, a recognition of her hard work and excellent progress. And her tutor was always there along the way to celebrate each achievement with her.

Now, Eve has successfully completed her programme and is looking forward to building her career. She says: “My skills and knowledge were quite limited to basic admin duties before starting the programme. Now I feel I have gained so much more experience and with that gained confidence to try new things. This was an excellent programme and I really enjoyed it and am so glad I decided to participate. If you are considering doing an apprenticeship, I would highly recommend KT&A for excellent support and encouragement. The apprenticeship helped me to gain further education and a qualification within business administration, whilst learning on the job. I am really pleased with the outcome and couldn’t have done it without the encouragement from my tutor Julie. Thank you, KT&A”.

We wish Eve all the best and we are very proud of all her amazing achievements!


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