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Sophie was inspired to do an Apprenticeship at a local GP Surgery after seeing her older sister’s confidence grow while doing a similar Apprenticeship with KT&A.

Before starting as an Apprentice at St Richards Road Surgery in Deal, Sophie worked in a shop in town while studying at school. She didn’t like going to school for many reasons and saw that her sister was a lot happier when she left to do an Apprenticeship and said she knew she wanted to follow in her footsteps. She said: “I saw her confidence grow week by week and how much happier she was than at school. Doing an Apprenticeship helped her in so many ways”.

Sophie’s dream is to become a counsellor so she can help people with their problems and she believes her Apprenticeship will help her follow this career and open doors to work within the NHS, she says: “I can be such a positive person and working in a doctors surgery is a good job to have that will lead me to that path”.

The Apprenticeship has helped Sophie in many ways, as she felt nervous and out of place when she started because of her age and the idea of meeting members of the public and medical professionals, however she says everyone treated her like she had been working with them for years, which made her grow up very quickly.

Sophie has also enjoyed earning her own money and has even bought her own car with her wages which she says she is over the moon about.

Working in a GP Surgery allowed Sophie to face situations that she said she has never been in before and helped her improve her people skills, as well as administrative and organisational skills. Sophie says she also enjoyed giving patients the right advice to make them feel happy and confident.

Sophie has now inspired many of her friends to also do an Apprenticeship and says: “I would 100% recommend going straight from school into an Apprenticeship for so many reasons. All of my friends that didn’t end up going for an Apprenticeship now either wish they had or are starting one halfway through college, work or sixth form.”

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