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Sub-contracting Policy

Community Learning and Skills Sub-contracting Supply-chain Fees and Charges Policy

Community Learning and Skills under the brands Kent Adult Education and Kent Training and Apprenticeships, is committed to broadening the scope of provision to meet market demand, enhance and enrich the experiences of our learners. In order to enable this vision, Community Learning and Skills has taken the strategic decision to subcontract part of its provision to high quality partner providers.

Community Learning and Skills retains full accountability for contract delivery where provision and service sub-contracting takes place. Before contracts are awarded, Community Learning and Skills will undertake due diligence procedures that will include:

  • Financial assurance
  • Ensuring strategic fit to social and commercial purpose
  • Capability and capacity for delivery
  • Quality assurance
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Appropriate policies

All sub-contractors are invited to engage with Community Learning and Skills’ Observation of Learning, Teaching and Assessment and other quality assurance processes including standardisation, Internal/External Verification/Moderation, self-assessment and quality improvement plans.

The quality of the provision will be monitored and managed through our existing quality improvement processes and included within Community Learning and Skills’ self-assessment report and quality improvement plan. A management fee of between 15% and 20% is retained by Community Learning and Skills from all subcontracted provision. This fee is calculated against the assessment of risk, calculated from the due diligence process, and level of management intervention associated with the sub-contractor.

The management fee retained includes the costs of managing and administering the subcontracting arrangements, the administration of paper and electronic learner records (required for funding returns), the management of lead contracts and the additional value offered to partners of access to quality improvement processes, management information expertise and advice, regular national updates regarding funding and policy guidance, administration of the 16-18 incentive and AGE Grant processes (as applicable) and access to local, regional and national networks.

Payments are made on a monthly basis in arrears following validation of activity through data agency funding returns.

The policy is reviewed annually and in line with the publication of the Education Skills Funding Agency funding rules.

Subcontracting table 2019/20

Subcontracting data 2020 2021

Sub-contracting Opportunities

Please check back soon for the latest sub-contracting opportunities.

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