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Sixth Form or College Not Working Out?

Sixth Form or College Not Working Out?

It’s the first week back after half term and when you realised sixth form or college wasn’t really for you, the bargain with your parents was probably to stay until Christmas, are we right?

Even here at KT&A HQ there’s quite a few of us who found that the more ‘traditional’ route of sixth form or college or even then uni wasn’t really the path that was meant for us. What we want to tell you is, that’s perfectly ok!


As much as these kinds of education are still seen as the traditional routes and the ‘best’ way we have to say we disagree. As Kent’s leading apprenticeship provider we can’t wait to shout about how much of a fantastic option they are. Not only are you learning a key skill and gaining a nationally recognised qualification but you’re also getting paid to do so.

Getting a Degree

The main argument you will probably come up against is that it’s best for your career to get a degree. What most people don’t realise is that you can undertake an apprenticeship all the way up to degree level, so it’s not an either or option. Plus on average an apprentice will earn £100,000 more throughout their lifetime then other employees (and yep, that includes those who got a degree at uni too!).

Just think by the time you get your degree level apprenticeship you will be the same age as your friends that went to uni but based on the average amount of working hours and the current national minimum wage, you could have earned just over £20,000 in the time your friends have racked up more than this in student loans.

Apprenticeships are being recognised by employers as a more desirable option too. Many employers if given the choice would pick an apprentice over someone fresh out of uni, as they know they have the work ethic they need and have already been working for a number of years. Not only this but many business owners see the value in someone who manages to work full time and study. It shows a range of skills and a lot of commitment too.

Make a Change

It’s never too late to change your mind about your career choices and with an option that gets you qualified and pays you to learn, apprenticeships really are a smart option. Make sure you have all the information you need with our helpful infographic and take a look at our vacancies too as you can start applying today!

Think big and take the next step with next step with us.

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