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Meet September’s Apprentice of the Month – Rhiannon

Meet September’s Apprentice of the Month – Rhiannon

Last month saw us celebrate the one year anniversary of our Apprentice of the Month award. The award has showed no signs of slowing down in quality with our latest winner, Rhiannon Eyles. Rhiannon has worked in a secretarial role at EMD Law in Staplehurst since November 2015, and is one of three apprentices currently employed by the company. Her day-to-day job includes greeting visitors at the front desk, scanning documents, assisting staff in contract reporting and getting contract reports together, working in the conveyancing department as a secretary, contacting clients and she also recently received training from St John Ambulance so is now one of the nominated first aiders!

The first thing we found out from Rhiannon was how she found her Apprenticeship at EMD Law. She had recently finished Sixth Form after studying Business and was looking for a job that would allow her to apply the knowledge she had learnt to a full-time job. She found an advert for a job at EMD Law in the Wealden Times and applied, where it was decided that an Apprenticeship (with the same duties) would be better suited to her as it would allow her to gain a qualification whilst being trained on the job. Rhiannon didn’t know much about Apprenticeships before she started, but soon found that she was learning so much more than she thought she would, and being trained as part of an Apprenticeship scheme helped her to pick up skills and tasks more easily.

When we asked her what her favourite parts of the job are, Rhiannon said it’s that she gets on really well with the whole team, the job role really suits her and she has a great understanding of it, having been given a lot of responsibilities, including more than the secretarial role she started out with. Rhiannon would absolutely recommend an Apprenticeship to anyone because of how it has opened up so many doors for her in terms of what her next role could be, and her career plan after her Apprenticeship finished in November is to work in a similar secretarial role.

We then spoke to Rhiannon’s manager Lisa. As we mentioned, EMD Law have taken on a few Apprentices from us previously, seven in total. Their goal when taking on an Apprentice is to be able to train them and find them a ‘niche’ role in the department, so that they are in a position to offer them a full-time job upon completion, so they really do appreciate the value of an Apprentice.

Although Lisa’s expectations of the Apprentices that EMD Law recruit are always that over the year they are taught everything they need to know to find the role and responsibilities that they are best suited to, Rhiannon has really surpassed her expectations. When we asked what changes Lisa has noticed in Rhiannon since day one of her Apprenticeship, she said that Rhiannon has really matured over the last year, is capable of assisting customers and gaining their full trust, can be relied on to complete tasks on her own and handle them properly, and has grown in confidence so much. For example, Rhiannon said that when she started although she was happy helping customers face to face, she really wasn’t confident at answering phones but once she had done it a couple of times it eventually stopped being a problem for her and she doesn’t even think twice about answering the phone now.

Congratulations to Rhiannon and to EMD Law, a very deserving Apprentice of the Month Winner.

If you want your Apprentice to be named as our next Apprentice of the Month winner, make sure you nominate your apprentice before Monday 10th October.