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Meet May’s Apprentice of the Month

Meet May’s Apprentice of the Month

For this month’s Apprentice of the Month award, we visited Red Bullet, a web development agency in Canterbury. In the small but very modern offices, we met the May Apprentice of the Month Nat and his boss, Steve. Nat is currently in the final month of his Level 3 qualification.

How did it all begin?

Nat’s path to an apprenticeship came when he was working at Sainsbury’s but was at a crossroads in his career and wasn’t sure what he wanted to do next. Fortunately, he heard about an opportunity at Red Bullet through his brother who also works for the business. Red Bullet were looking for an apprentice to come in and begin work on a specific website project, hitting the ground running and bringing in a lot of their own ideas and initiative to drive the project. Nat applied for the job through a job search website, and was successful in his interview over another candidate. He initially started at a Level 2, but within weeks was moved up to a Level 3 and has coped fantastically with the extra work.

When we asked Nat what interested him about the role, he said that he jumped at the chance to work in a fresh and exciting role for a digital agency where tasks change day-to-day. Compared to his previous job at Sainsbury’s, this job allowed him to be much more creative.

The things that Nat enjoys most about his job are working in a fast-paced industry that interests him like the digital marketing industry and the people he works with.

One question we always like to ask is what would our apprentices say to anyone thinking of undertaking an apprenticeship? Nat stressed that being taught through an apprenticeship and earning whilst you learn couldn’t be any further from being taught at school. So if you didn’t really enjoy school and aren’t too keen on the idea of continued education, they really are completely different.

We asked Nat what his career plans are now, and were delighted to hear that he has been offered a full time job when his apprenticeship comes to an end in a month’s time.

From the employer’s eyes

We then spoke to Steve, Nat’s boss, to find out about what made him think of taking on an apprentice and how it has met and even exceeded his expectations. Steve understood the value of an apprentice from some of his past jobs, so when the business didn’t have the resources necessary for a new website project that was being taken on, they saw the opportunity to bring in an apprentice to use their own creativity and ideas and the drive the project forward.

Whilst they didn’t have any expectations of the specific achievements an apprentice would make, Red Bullet were looking for someone who would be able to hit the ground running, engage with people and really play a key part in the development of the website project, so had high expectations.

When we asked what changes Steve has noticed to the business since bringing Nat in, it was great to hear that as well as his crucial work on the aforementioned website project where he spearheaded key decisions and helped to solidify the brand with his own ideas and creativity, he has transformed the atmosphere of the business with his youthful and motivated attitude.

Congratulations to Nat and to Red Bullet for being chosen as May’s Apprentice of the Month. Do you want your apprentice to be recognised for all of their hard work? Nominate them today!