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Meet August’s Apprentice of the Month – Lucy

Meet August’s Apprentice of the Month – Lucy

This month’s Apprentice of the Month award marks one year since we started giving businesses the opportunity to nominate their Apprentices and reward them for all of their hard work. Next week, we will be taking a detailed look at the last year of winners, so keep your eyes peeled.

The lucky winner to mark the occasion this month was Lucy Scoble, who for the last five months has worked as a Marketing Apprentice for DJM Music, a musical instrument retailer based in Paddock Wood. DJM Music employ three Apprentices through us, and are currently advertising for one more to join them in a sales and customer service role, so it’s fantastic for us to see a business that really sees the value in taking on an apprentice.

The first thing we like to find out from our winners is how they found their way to an Apprenticeship. Lucy had previously studied media at college and was looking online for an apprenticeship in a similar field, as she knew that apprenticeships allow you to gain a qualification and working experience. A marketing apprenticeship in the music retail industry was attractive to her as she had a great interest in the marketing and music side of the role.

Lucy’s role includes taking on design work, photography, editing images, analysing data and writing product descriptions but when we asked her what her favourite part of her job is, there wasn’t a specific part that stood out. “I enjoy everything. Working with different people and different teams, and building my confidence”.

Lucy seemed to be confident of where she wanted her career to go since studying at college, and her apprenticeship has made her sure that she wants to stay in the marketing industry when her apprenticeship comes to an end. She is also confident in the value of apprenticeships and when we asked what she would say to someone thinking of applying for an apprenticeship she said “go for it, most businesses ask for experience when applying, with an apprenticeship you get paid to gain that experience”.

We then spoke to her manager, Nadir. As we’ve mentioned, DJM are always willing to take on Apprentices, so we first asked Nadir how they integrate apprentices into the team. Nadir said “we like to take on Apprentices as we’re a good place to start. We’re a small team who like to get them started in their career, let them take on plenty of responsibilities and make them feel part of the team”. Speaking of taking on responsibilities, this was something that Lucy handled brilliantly which impressed Nadir. “When we took Lucy on, another person left so she was thrown in the deep end, but she handled it well and has continued to work hard since”.

Nadir only had good things to say about taking on Apprentices, “they’re a breath of fresh air, they bring enthusiasm and new ideas to the business. They can say something through inexperience and learn from it, or they will come up with brilliant new ideas that we haven’t thought of before”.

If you want your Apprentice to be named as our next Apprentice of the Month winner, make sure you nominate your apprentice before Saturday 10th September.

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