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My time with KT&A

I left sixth form in June 2013 after three years of studying for my A-levels and after deciding that university wasn’t for me wondered what my next step would be. I spent the next few months applying for Business and Administration apprenticeships online and was not successful. Many of the apprenticeships I applied for were courteous enough to ring me and explain that the reason I wasn’t successful was not because of my CV but because the environment wouldn’t be suitable for me being a wheelchair user and many buildings being old and therefore sometimes difficult to fully adapt to wheelchair users.


Then one day whilst again searching online for apprenticeships I received an email from KT&A asking me to go to the Civic Centre in Gravesend for an interview in order to see if I was ready for future apprenticeship interviews should I receive any. It was here that I first met Simon Platt and the rest of the KT&A team and after my interview with Simon I was told that although my CV was strong experience may be what was letting me down in interviews. It was then that I was offered a place on a Skills for Work Customer Service NVQ Level 2 course starting in September at the KT&A centre in Gravesend. This NVQ was taught in the classroom for a period of time and then I was to be sent on work placement for the rest of the course. Simon thought the course would be ideal for me as I would gain some valuable experience in the workplace as well as getting to add a further qualification to my CV.

Everyone at KT&A was very helpful and straight away put all the support I needed in place to be able to independently complete the classroom aspect of the course. Shortly afterwards it was then time for me to go on work placement in a Business Administration environment and this is where Simon and KT&A gave me the most support. It was not all plain sailing as the first 2 possible placements didn’t come to fruition but Simon and KT&A didn’t give up and finally found the perfect placement for me.

I had an interview with a charity called Avenues Group which is a charity that focuses on providing support to those with learning disabilities so that the people they support can live better lives and fulfil a larger role within their communities. I had an interview and began my 3 day a week work placement in mid-November last year. I truly loved every minute and thought it was brilliant that I was actually able to go to work in an office environment.

My original placement ended in mid-January and Avenues quickly offered me a year’s Business and Administration apprenticeship which I gratefully accepted. I couldn’t believe the opportunity I was being given and my apprenticeship started on the 1 May 2014. Avenues also decided to keep me on a secondary placement from mid- January til the 1 May 2014 meaning that I now had 5 and a half months work experience under me.

I am thoroughly enjoying my apprenticeship and cannot thank Simon and KT&A enough for the chance they gave me last September by placing me on their Customer Service course. The Customer Service NVQ was great to achieve but KT&A have helped me achieve so much more than that. KT&A put me in contact with the Avenues Group and I have loved every minute. My confidence is soaring because not only have I been able to make new friends but now I can also say I am a working individual which is truly something I never thought I would get to say about myself.

I cannot thank KT&A enough for the opportunity.

Ciaran Moran

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