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How can I get a job after my GCSEs?

Answer: Work Ready Extra

Go to sixth form, or go to college – these are the two choices that most young people are told they have after they finish their GCSEs. But what if you don’t want to go to school or college? If you know that it isn’t for you, what options do you have?

Work Ready Extra students

You could go straight into your career, but this can seem like a big jump. You’re constantly hearing stories about how hard it is to get a job these days. Don’t worry – it’s not as bad as most people think. It is a good idea to get a leg up against the competition and gain some useful experience of the working world.

It might feel like once you leave school you’re on your own, but this is not the case. There is a programme available to you that will help prepare you for the world of work, while also giving you a qualification and other advantages that will help you succeed in the job market.

How to prepare for work

Starting a career straight after school means changing your mindset, which can be tricky if you’ve not had to apply for jobs before. Luckily, you can ease your way into this with some work experience, which will prepare you for your future career without throwing you in at the deep end.

You will also get practical skills from a work placement. After all, what better way is there to learn a trade than by actually doing it? This can also be useful for helping you figure out what to do in your career, as if your chosen work experience is a disappointment then you can look elsewhere with no issues.

A qualification will also help, letting your future employer know that you have been learning new skills. It allows them to measure you against other candidates for a job, and will help you stand out as someone capable and willing to develop themselves.

So how do you get all these things? Well, one training programme combines all of these into one course that will prepare you for starting your career: Work Ready Extra.

Work Ready Extra could be the answer

This programme is designed for 16-18 year olds, to help them prepare for the world of work and to have a good advantage when they get there. It will equip you with the skills you need to start a career and succeed.

As part of the programme, you will receive a 22-week-long work placement in your preferred employment sector. This will be arranged based on your career goals, whether that is learning a practical trade like plumbing or a more office-based one like marketing. Whatever you want to do, we should be able to point you in the right direction.

You will also be able to work towards a City and Guilds NVQ (Level 1 or 2) as part of the programme, gaining you a helpful qualification to move you forward in your career path. If required, you will study Functional Skills or GCSE in Maths and English.

The programme also puts you in a great position to start an apprenticeship, meaning you won’t have to spend time hunting for jobs – you could go straight from school into Work Ready Extra, start an apprenticeship and then end up in a profession, ready to tackle your career.

Work Ready Extra will teach you all the skills you will need to succeed in the workplace, from preparing for an interview to working as a group with your colleagues. Many of the people on this programme end up with a job once they finish, start an apprenticeship or progress to further education or training.

What do you need?

There are no formal entry requirements for joining Work Ready Extra. You will be asked to complete an initial assessment and attend an improved

Courses like this can help you bridge the gap from school to work. If you are worried about your future, Work Ready Extra could be exactly what you need to jumpstart your career – whatever you want that to be!

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