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A Quick Guide: Funding Your Apprenticeship

A Quick Guide: Funding Your Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship funding mainly comes from the Government. Although an apprentice will never have to pay for their training, depending on your age, the way funding works for your apprenticeship changes.

16-18 years

If you’re aged between 16-18, the Government’s National Apprenticeship Service contributes 100% to your training costs. This means you can have training up to the value of £15,000 for free! On top of this, the average apprentice wage is £170 per week, meaning you’re getting the best of both worlds: learning whilst earning!

If you’re a single parent under the age of 20 at the start of your course, you are entitled to have Care To Learn funding, where you can receive £160 per child per week to help with the cost of childcare whilst you do your course.

19-24 years

National Apprenticeship Service funding for apprenticeships when you’re aged 19-24 halves, meaning the Government only pays 50% of your costs, and your employer pays the other 50% of the cost.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and you’re aged 19 or over, you can apply to get Discretionary Learner Support (DLS) and you can apply for this directly through us. The money you receive depends on your circumstances, and can be a non-repayable direct payment, a loan (which you will have to pay back), or a payment to someone else (such as a landlord). The money can go towards funding your travel costs or equipment for your course, for example.

Can I get apprenticeship funding if I already have a degree?

You can still do an apprenticeship regardless of having a degree, but it means you aren’t eligible for funding from the Government and your employer will have to pay all of your costs.

Do I pay Tax and National Insurance?

Regardless of being an apprentice, you will still have to pay tax and national insurance on your wages.
If you’d like to talk us about starting an apprenticeship and learning what funding you’re able to receive, contact us today.