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Work Ready

Work Ready is a personalised study programme helping 16 to 18 year olds get work ready and into the job they want. It includes a 22 week period of work placement to enable learners to gain evidence for an NVQ or work experience, and to improve their CV. At the end of their training, learners have the work ethic, attitude and skills they need to get a job, an Apprenticeship or go on to further education.

Work Ready helps deliver the essential attributes for work to add value to your business.

We have helped thousands of learners to take their first steps into employment, but we rely on the support of businesses throughout Kent to deliver this invaluable training.


The business benefits

Employers all over Kent are looking for young people who are work-ready. Being work ready is all about having the right skills, knowledge and attitude, and that’s exactly what Work Ready delivers.

We help Learners to grow in self-confidence, explore the options available, acquire an understanding of the workplace and develop the behaviours and work ethic that employers expect. Learners leave Work Ready with an NVQ, practical skills and Functional Skills or GCSE’s in maths and English to ensure they are much better prepared to hit the ground running on their first day at work.

In short, they become truly ‘work-ready’ and an asset to any business. They help to drive innovation; bringing new ideas, energy and dynamism to your team.

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