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What makes up an Apprenticeship qualification?

Intermediate Apprenticeship / Advanced Apprenticeship

1) Functional Skills

Functional Skills are the English, mathematics and information, communication and technology skills that everybody needs to deal effectively with everyday life: at home, in education, in their community and in their place of work. Learners are taught how to transfer or apply their knowledge in these areas in a variety of personal and work scenarios thus ensuring their full comprehending and competence’.

Competence is evidenced by external assessment.

2) QCF Qualification (Award, Certificate, Diploma)

3) Technical Certificate/ERR/PLTS

Technical Certificates are a component in certain frameworks depending on the vocational award. They focus on the learner’s underpinning knowledge and understanding related to their chosen qualification. Some may be linked to an external assessment.

Employment Rights and Responsibilities (ERR), focus on industry related requirements and knowledge of employment rights. Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) focus on self reflection and professional and personal development.

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