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The QCF System

Qualification and Credit Framework reflect the skills, knowledge and understanding an individual possesses in relation to a specific area of work. The following gives a short profile of the organisations involved in this system.


Standards Setting Bodies

Develop occupational standards, assessment strategies and gain endorsement of QCA body.


Awarding Organisation

Design assessment and quality assurance systems and NVQ qualifications prior to submission to QCA for accreditation of the qualification.



QCA accredits proposals for qualifications submitted by awarding organisation and approves and monitors awarding bodies that offer qualifications


Awarding Organisations

Approve assessment centres to offer qualifications and implement and assure quality. They undertake external quality assurance to ensure that learners are being assessed fairly and consistently across all centres.


Assessment Centres

Organisations that meet awarding organisations criteria for assessing qualifications. They undertake internal quality assurance to ensure that all their learners are being assessed fairly and consistently.

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