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With our dedicated Apprenticeship Recruitment Team, KT&A can remove all the hard work from hiring an Apprentice and ensure you get the best candidates to interview. Our provision includes advertising vacancies, validating potential candidates as well as shortlisting and arranging interviews.

  • A KT&A Apprentice can help improve your bottom line by increasing productivity. Training Apprentices can be more cost effective than hiring skilled staff, leading to lower overall training and recruitment costs
  • Drive innovation within your organisation with a KT&A Apprenticeship. When taking on a KT&A Apprentice you are bringing in a young professional with new ideas and a fresh approach to business and work
  • Engaging with an Apprenticeship programme will ensure that your workforce has the practical skills and qualifications your organisation needs now and in the future
  • No matter where your business is based, with centres located across Kent, we are able to provide the highest levels of training and support to you and your Apprentice

There are numerous benefits to taking on a KT&A Apprentice, here are just some of the most important:

  • Inspire an effective and competitive workforce
  • Directly address skills gaps
  • Improve your productivity
  • Have a motivated and trained workforce
  • Create your own future managers
  • Bring fresh and innovative ideas to your organisation

If your organisation employs less than 50 staff, the cost of training for an Apprentice aged between 16 and 18 is fully funded by the government and you will also receive £1,000 additional funding to cover any other costs.

If your Apprentice is aged 19+, 95% of the training costs will be covered by government funding and we then ask the employer to pay the remaining 5%. Apprenticeships are also available for your current employees with the same funding arrangements.

Apprentices ages 16-18 will still attract £1,000 additional funding paid to the employer to cover any other costs.

For those companies paying the Apprenticeship Levy, 100% of the training costs will be taken from their levy account and Apprentices aged 16-18 will still attract £1,000 additional funding, paid to the employer to cover any other costs.

Apprentices need to be paid the National Apprenticeship Wage and are entitled to at least 20 days paid holiday plus bank holidays.

Apprenticeships usually take from one to two years, depending on the level and industry sector.

  • You will need to provide a minimum of 30 hours per week paid employment
  • We will need to come and assess your Apprentice in the workplace
  • Depending on the qualifications, your Apprentice will either achieve an Apprenticeship Standard or framework

Our Apprenticeships currently cover the following areas, however, if you are thinking of taking on an Apprentice in another area, please contact us as we are always expanding what we offer.

  • Childcare
  • Supporting Teaching and Learning
  • Business Administration
  • Customer Service Practitioner
  • Team Leader/Supervisor
  • Supply Chain Warehouse Operative
  • Operational Delivery Service (public sector)
  • Operations/Department Management
  • Adult Care Worker
  • Lead Adult Care Worker
  • Healthcare Support Worker
  • Senior Healthcare Support Worker

How to add apprentices and set up payments

Meet The Team

The Partnership Manager is your initial contact and a vital part of our process in meeting government agenda for upskilling the workforce.

At KT&A a team of experienced Partnership Managers respond to employers enquiries and promote our services in a prompt and professional manner.

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