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Apprenticeships: The Key To Digital Skills Demand

Apprenticeships: The Key To Digital Skills Demand

A poll from cyber skills charity, The Tech Partnership showed last week, that the difficulties businesses are facing in trying to fill tech and digital roles are continuing to grow.

47% of those who responded to the survey said they are finding these skill gaps particularly difficult to fill. 80% of the respondents also said that in the next 24 months, they expect to increase roles of this type in their organisation, so the problems with filling the skills gap could continue.

It seems that apprenticeships are growing in popularity as a method to battle the rising skills gap, the survey said they are delivering “concrete and intangible benefits” and the number of companies taking on digital apprenticeships is encouragingly high. 72% of responding businesses are already using an apprenticeship programme, and 83% expect to take on an apprentice to fill new roles.

The survey also says of apprenticeships, that “employers believe that apprentices bring new energy and enthusiasm to their businesses, and that they help them adopt relevant skills more quickly”. It also says that those businesses who offer apprenticeships “are embraced for increasing diversity among the workforce, and for improving the company’s image to the local community”.

The efforts made to generally improve the awareness of apprenticeships such as the Get In, Go Far campaign has proven successful, with 65% of the surveyed businesses having heard about them. The most popular roles that these businesses were recruiting for were high-level roles such as Infrastructure Technicians, Software Developers and IT Support members.

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