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Apprenticeship Success for Chris

Apprenticeship Success for Chris

Chris Hammond came to us for some help with finding an apprenticeship at the beginning of the year, and soon found himself being invited to an interview with a local Estate Agents.  Unfortunately, he didn’t have a very positive experience in the interview and found that the questions he was being asked were not very relevant compared to what he had prepared for. However, this did not deter him from trying again and with the help of Tracey, our Support Officer who had arranged his first interview, he had another opportunity not long after.

“Tracey took it upon herself personally to make sure I was to have a better run at things the next time she set up an interview. She found BDP International for me and an interview was set up literally 3 days later. I am extremely happy with my role as Sales Support Executive with the constant opportunities to travel around the UK to various BDP offices, for example Manchester on the 31st of March. I would highly recommend the apprenticeship scheme and KT&A to any of my friends who are looking for a path into a career whilst gaining a well-respected and needed qualification such as business administration.”

Congratulations to Chris for gaining his apprenticeship role, we hope he enjoys his apprenticeship and qualification and is successful in the future.