Work Ready Extra

Work Ready Extra is a personalised programme to help 16-18 year olds not in full time education or employment, get the skills and experience they need to progress in their career.

Being work-ready is all about having the right skills, knowledge and attitude. The Work Ready Extra programme gives you the opportunity to gain qualifications and practical experience to put on your CV. Many of our young people gain a job after completing the course because of the experience and qualifications they have gained in a working environment.


What does Work Ready Extra involve?

You will study or join a course at one of our centres where you will work towards a City and Guilds NVQ (Level 1 or 2). In addition you may study Functional Skills or GCSE maths and English if required.

A work placement lasting for a minimum of 22 weeks will be arranged for you in the sector you eventually want to work. If you aren’t sure which career path to take, this will give you an invaluable insight into the reality of working life and help you make an informed decision about your future.

If you already have at least C grades in GCSE English and maths and can show that you are ready for work, you may be able to advance straight into work experience.

Everyone is at a different stage and has different skills when they join us, so we’ll work with you to come up with a plan that is perfect for you.

Further details on the Work Ready Extra programme

What kind of jobs could I go for?

The types of career areas we cater for are very varied – from plumbing to childcare and marketing to warehousing. We try our best to provide a work placement that suits you and your future ambitions.

What are the benefits of Work Ready Extra?

There are lots of benefits to Work Ready Extra. You will grow in self confidence, gain skills that employers value and learn how to present yourself when looking for work.

Ultimately Work Ready Extra can help you to get the Apprenticeship or the job you desire.

Read more reasons why you should get involved here.

Work Ready Extra is a great way to start getting work experience and it can really help you achieve your goals.

– Danny Ostridge

How do I get involved?

We have Engagement Officers based across Kent and Medway who can tell you more about the course, meet with you in person and help you find out if Work Ready Extra is right for you. Get in touch with your local Engagement Officer.

We’ve already helped thousands of people like you work out what they are good at, and what they enjoy, then helped them to start their career in the job that’s right for them.

To find out more contact us on 0800 731 4297 or send us an enquiry

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