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Everyone’s welcome

We expect our staff and learners to treat each other with respect and dignity, regardless of individual differences in age, gender, race, background, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.  We explain more in our Student Charter.

We welcome people with disabilities. Please ask to speak to a member of staff confidentially to discuss options for any support you would like. Whether you’re doing Work Ready Extra or an Apprenticeship, we want the experience to be positive and we expect our staff and learners to treat each other with respect.

Information in different formats

We want to make our information easy for everyone to understand. If you want a copy of any information in a different format, such as large print, audio or Braille, please speak to a member of our staff.

Leaflets are available in our centres, or you can speak to a member of staff confidentially to discuss any support you need.

Learning agreement and the enrolment form

All learners have to complete a learning agreement and enrolment form at the start of each course or training programme.

Emergency closures

Occasionally, in an emergency or in severe weather, we may have to cancel or postpone classes.  In these circumstances it isn’t possible to contact all learners, so if you think there might be a problem, check our website or listen to Radio Kent 96.7FM or Heart Radio 103.1 or 102.8FM for the latest information.  If you are in work-based training your employer will tell you more about emergency closures.

More information

For more information about your Unique Learner Number or Learner Support and Access to Funds please speak to a member of staff.

For more information about KT&A, read our Equality and Diversity and Everyone Matters statements.


If you are on Job Seekers allowance, your local job centre will pay your travel in most cases.

Kent Training & Apprenticeships is part of Community Learning and Skills

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